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Technically, this is the lowest-rated film here on Letterboxd, that is in the filmographies of two actresses I love: Helen Mirren and Greta Dating sarah marshall cast. A bland, neutered, and flat attempt at remaking the original Dudley Moore classic, Arthur feels more like a made-for-TV film than it does something that's worthy of a theatrical release dating de viteză spokane isn't shocking considering who the director is and sl dating doesn't help that it wastes a talented cast on mediocre material.

Russell Brand makes for an irritating and unsympathetic lead, most of the humor falls flat and the script could have used a lot of improvement.

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Fine but nothing memorable at all. Remember when Russell Brand was a thing?

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And when Greta Gerwig wasn't? Thank God times have changed.

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I hadn't seen this since and I recalled finding it surprisingly unoffensive for a remake of one of my favourite comedies and I rated it a generous three stars. However watching it again now I'm taking a half star off it.

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I found it a bit of a chore this time around, though that may have something to do with the number of advert breaks ITV2 try and squeeze into it. Reminds me why I normally never watch films on commercial channels go out 'live', you just can't get a momentum going with the viewing experience.

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Garner is delicious and the hugely talented Brand nails it.