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    Nu vor primi scrisori de condoleanta familiile celor ce se sinucid in afara zonei de lupta combat zone. Anul trecut 30 militari s-au sinucis in "combat zone"; ce s-au sinucis "outside the battle zone", familiile acestora nu vor primi scrisori de condoleanta.

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    Obama said that after a "difficult and exhaustive review" of policy about sending letters in suicide cases, he elected to do so for those who kill themselves in the war zone. The Army general tasked with stemming the rise in suicides among soldiers praised President Obama's decision this week to send condolence letters to the family of service members who kill themselves while serving in combat overseas.

    Peter Chiarelli, the Army dating ptsd veteran chief of staff, said it was a monumental step toward reducing the stigma in the military that surrounds mental health and seeking therapy.

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    The Department of Defense says 30 active-duty military personnel committed suicide last year in a combat zone- and more occurred outside the battle zone. Those obviously had endured more stress and PTSD [ posttraumatic stress disorder] than they could continue to tolerate.

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    The Army in particular screens its recruits to avoid future Army-induced psychiatric problems.