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Regiunea Moscovei, Rusia

Regiunea Moscovei, Rusia Locurile sfinte ale Rusiei. Regiunea Leningrad Iunie MoscovaRusia Moskvaregiunea regiunii, vestul Rusiei. Oblastul înconjoară și include orașul Moscova, capitala Rusiei. Oblastul Moscovei a fost format în Principala caracteristică a reliefului său este Klin-Dmitrov Ridge, care se întinde aproximativ est-vest, peste oblast, la nord de Moscova.

Locurile sfinte ale Rusiei. Regiunea Leningrad (Iunie 2021).

Creasta, o linie de moraine terminale, atinge o înălțime de de metri de metri cu o pantă nordică abruptă spre câmpia de argilă bolovară a râului Volga superior. La sud de creastă se află câmpia largă, la nivel a râului Oka și afluentul său principal, râul Moscova, pe care se află capitala. În sud-est, câmpia coboară treptat spre Țara de Jos Meshchera, o zonă de mlaștini extinse.

La sud de Oka, pământul regiunea de capital dating ridică spre marginea nordică a Uplandului central al Rusiei. Precipitațiile medii anuale variază de la 18 inci mm în sud-est până la cm mm pe Klin-Dmitrov Ridge, cu precipitațiile maxime în vară.

Se întâlnesc mlaștini de iarbă și turbă, în regiunea de capital dating în Țara joasă din Meshchera. De-a lungul râurilor există pajiști largi de inundații.

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The oblast continues to be heavily industrialized despite the decline of industry throughout Russia in the s. Artificial textiles, silk, linen, clothing, and knitwear are also made.

The second major branch of industry, engineering, produces a wide range of heavy machinery, machine tools, locomotives, and buses. The chemical industry produces artificial fibres, plastics, and fertilizers.

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Old established glass and chinaware industries still flourish, especially in the north. Other manufactures include cement, furniture and other timber products, footwear, and foodstuffs.

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Lignite brown coal and phosphorite are mined in the south, and peat is extensively dug to supply peat-burning power stations, especially in the east around Shatura.

Local fuel resources have been supplanted by natural-gas pipelines from the northern Caucasus, western Ukraine, and from Saratov to the south; a high-tension grid transmits power from the giant Volga hydroelectric stations.

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This industrial development means that the oblast is highly urbanized; of its total population, nine-tenths live in more than urban places. Agriculture plays a relatively minor role in the economy; only 25 percent of the area is cultivated.

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Throughout the oblast, but especially around Moscow, dairying and market dating roanoke va are well developed to serve the city. In the east the emphasis is on dairy and beef cattle, and pig keeping and poultry farming are widespread.

Grain, chiefly rye and regiunea de capital dating, is of minor importance; fodder crops occupy more than half the arable land. In the west and north considerable areas are under flax. Reclamation work occurs in swampy areas.

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Communications throughout the oblast are excellent. Trunk railways from all parts of Russia focus on Moscow, and there is a network of electrified suburban lines.

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The oblast regiunea de capital dating the highest proportion of asphalt-surfaced roads in Russia. It is also served by waterways, including the Moscow Canal from the capital north to the Volga and the Oka—all giving access to the Volga River system. Area including Moscow city 18, square miles 47, square km.

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