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Hearthstone rigged

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BigFatCock Acum 3 Zile Would've been cool but he has his game audio so low we'd never be able to hear the voiceline. So no point.

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Two Star Players Acum 3 Zile Imagine playing a game where you're floating mana and intentionally not playing cards, because you're working with limited resources and playing around what your opponent has in their hand to not hearthstone rigged.

Then look at Hearthstone today, where you're just dumping your hand every dating fsiverse because you can generate limitless new resources whenever hearthstone rigged want to, and you don't care even the slightest what your opponent has in their hand because you're gonna OTK them on turn 7 anyway no matter what they do.

The whole strategy hinges on the opponent not having an answer for it, but if they do have an answer, his gameplan falls apart. It allows for counterplay.

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How do you "answer" Quest Warlock or Quest Shaman? You don't.

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There is no counterplay for it, your only way of winning is killing them before they manage to hearthstone rigged the quest. The point of a CCG is to have a continually refreshed pool of cards, saying "the game is balanced because you can just go back to when nobody hearthstone rigged any cards" is just silly. There is literally nothing stopping them from printing new cards at the power level of classic. We can have limited resources, manageable tempo swings and rotating expansions, none of those things are mutually exclusive and the level of power creep in the current hearthstone rigged isn't an inevitability.

Hearthstone is RIGGED! This OTK Proves It! - Hearthstone

Also kinda funny to have this take after watching a video of Alarmo Bot scamming games on turn He's floating mana hearthstone rigged he scammed out a 9 drop on turn 3, hearthstone rigged no reason to spend your mana after doing that.

Z R Acum 2 Zile Hugo Costa i think what the op suggests is that they care about making money by reprinting cards that can do multiple thingS, which back then already exist in a different form,instead of making the game fun again, by making unique ideas that requires multiple thinking lines.

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