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A professor at the Dating în darlington county durham of Oxford fromhe believed that chromosomes were the cellular components that passed hereditary information from generation to generation. He explained the behaviour of chromosomes during meiosis, formulating a theory of evolution in which the exchange of parts of chromosomes crossing-over was the central variable in determining the inherited characteristics of the next generation. His Evolution of Man and Society raised controversy by insisting that the intelligence of races was determined by inheritance.

Darlington county was established in and named for Darlington, England.

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In when the governor of South Carolina ordered the search, without warrants, of private homes for concealed liquor, the Darlington War between residents and the state militia and constables resulted. Kalmia Gardens, the Coker College arboretum, contains a virtually complete cross section of South Carolina terrain, along with hundreds of varieties of flora native to the Atlantic seaboard.

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Robinson Unit 2, the state's oldest operating nuclear power plant, is located near Hartsville. Darlington is the county seat and Hartsville, the site of Coker College foundedis the largest town.

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Tobacco is the principal crop of this fertile farming region and soybeans, wheat, eggs and dairy products also are important; textile, paper, chemical and electronic products are leading manufactures. Area square miles 1, square km.

Population 61, ; : 66, The main population centre, old Darlington town, lies on the River Skerne near its confluence with the Tees. The town is Anglo-Saxon in origin and its parish church of St. Cuthbert dates from the 12th century.

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In the 19th century textile industries were overshadowed by locomotive manufacture and railway repair work. The Stockton and Darlington Railway, the world's first passenger line, opened in and Locomotive No. Darlington remains a centre of heavy and construction engineering, but telecommunications and service activities are increasingly important. Area unitary authority 77 square miles square km.

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Population town, 86, ; : unitary authority, Its basic agricultural economy tobacco, cotton, livestock, soybeans and timber is supplemented by manufacturing building materials, electronics, paper products and steel.

The city has a large automobile auction market and is the home of Darlington Raceway openednoted for stock-car racing events including the TranSouth Financial dating windows phone March and the Mountain Dew Southern in September, on Labor Day. A stock-car museum was opened in Dating în darlington county durham 7, ; : 6, Te rugăm sa votezi definiţia cuvântului "darlington" care este cea mai utilă pentru tine.

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Dicţionarul conţine următoarele traduceri în swahili pentru "darlington": Ne pare rău, traducerea cuvântului "darlington" nu a fost găsit în baza de date.