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    The term language resources refers to sets of language data and descriptions in machine readable form, including written and spoken corpora, grammars, and terminology databases.

    Language resources can be used to build, improve, or evaluate natural language systems such as machine translation engines.

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    The initiative seeks large general-domain corpora, whether monolingual e. Read more about what language resources are needed Discover Automated Translation Automated translation, also known as machine translation, allows users to instantly translate words, sentences, full documents, and websites from one language to another.

    Translations are performed at speeds of up to one sentence per second — infinitely faster than any human can ever translate.

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    To ensure quick translations of texts, automated translation systems are trained on huge amounts of existing human translations. Using sophisticated algorithms, the automated translation systems then mine this parallel data to produce instant translations of texts.

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    Automated translation systems can be further improved by adding industry-specific terminology, linguistic rules, monolingual data, and other language resources. This effectively customizes, or tailors, a system to a particular domain or industry.

    How to contribute?

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    Any contributor may submit Language Dating și bariere lingvistice to us at any exploitation stage: simple internet links to websites Sourcesraw data, or fully-packaged data Language Resources. Click below if you can indicate a potential source for relevant data Click below if you are a language resource owner and are willing to share it for the purposes of CEF.

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