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Welcome to Rio 56m When Maria Luiza's husband goes missing, she feels lost and alone -- until the city of Rio and her love of music inspire her to make a fresh start.

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Lígia rediscovers her passion for singing. Thereza tries to convince her boss to hire a second female writer.

Girls from Ipanema

Waters of August 43m Pedro's debt lands his wife in trouble with a shady creditor. Adélia has a heart to heart with Cap about Conceição.

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Malu gets closer to Chico. The Dreamers 41m A conversation with her mother inspires Malu to not give up on the club, and to ask Adélia dating rio de janeiro forgiveness.

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Thereza and Helô get scolded at work. Consequences 48m At the club's opening, Chico's antics threaten to ruin the night, and Nelson approaches Adélia. The next day, Malu reads a critic's review of the club.

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Letting Go 43m Adélia comes clean to Dating rio de janeiro. Lígia reveals startling news.

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Malu gets a worrying call from her mother. Thereza begins a new role as editor-in-chief. Nelson begs Adélia for a favor.

Un fel de mini-ghid despre unde te duci atunci cand vrei sa te simti bine si sa nu se holbeze cineva la tine, indiferent de modul in care arati in ziua respectiva. Sursa foto 12 Cand ai nevoie de locuri gay-friendly, fara sa fii gay? Locurile gay-friendly sunt, prin definitie, prietenoase atentie, nu am zis gay-exclusive. Asta inseamna ca poti merge indiferent de imbracaminte, coafura, piercing-uri, tatuaje, machiaj, non-machiaj. Acestea fiind zise, iata lista noastra: 1.

Lígia and Chico are offered an exciting opportunity. Release year: As Malu and her friends move on from their recent tragedy, they take on career challenges, new love possibilities and confront injustices with bravery.


I Will Survive 56m Malu is greeted with multiple surprises — good and bad — as she begins recovering from her injuries. Thereza explores a new job opportunity in radio. Commitments 41m Adélia prepares for her wedding day while Cap's friend strikes Ivone's interest.

  1. Когда Макс и Роберт оказались в пятидесяти метрах от нее, свет включился, осветив дорогу перед людьми.
  2. Итак, в соответствии с планом А, - объявил Макс, - нам с Эпониной предстоит отправиться .
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Malu's lawyer gives her troubling legal news about Coisa Mais Linda. The Carioca Way 36m Pedro gets into trouble at the club. Thereza and Nelson fight about their relationship and her new job.

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Adélia suffers from stomach pains. All Female 48m A city councilor makes life difficult for Malu just as she plans a women's night for the club.

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Adélia tells Nelson a secret about her health. Second Chance 48m Someone from Malu's past comes back and surprises her.

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Ivone participates in a radio competition. Adélia makes a difficult decision.

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Choices 56m Augusto's trial stirs controversy. Malu and Thereza risk sharing Lígia's story.

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Ivone competes nationally using Lígia's lyrics. More Details.