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Împărtășește acest loc Swansea has an established program of air quality monitoring dating back to There are currently 5 automatic and continuous monitoring stations located within Swansea.

In addition, 10 automatic real-time particulate monitors were established during April and May around busy road junctions. The automatic continuous monitoring is supplemented by passive nitrogen dioxide tube monitoring at over 50 locations throughout Swansea.

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Details of this additional monitoring will also be made available via the air quality data website. All the stations are sited to ensure that long-term goals and targets to reduce levels of air pollution are being met. The interactive website provides information to the general public as to how good or bad the air quality is in their locality - just click on the link!

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Data is uploaded from each monitoring station dating swansea uk the website on an hourly basis to provide the latest readings. Swansea AURN station is affiliated onto the UK National Air Quality Dating swansea uk network - this station is therefore linked to a national network of pollution monitors so that an accurate analysis of pollution can be taken within the UK.

Anyone who suffers from pollution related health problems e.

The pollutants monitored at each location are listed on the web site but include benzene, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, lead, sulphur dioxide, particulate matter and ozone. Data collected from monitoring is considered alongside planning applications for new roads, out-of-town shopping centres etc, as well as forming the basis to establish compliance with both UK and EU air quality targets and objectives.

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