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Contra: "Staff are not friendly, airplane was old and seats were very uncomfortable" Pro: "Great boardingon time! Friendly helpful staff. Just really good experience" Pro: "Customer service is awful I will never fly Pegasus again" Pro: "The price" Contra: "Free food and alcoholic beverages" Contra: "The boarding Schdule" Contra: "Comfort and food" Pro: "I may never travel with this airline" Contra: "I hate traveling with this airline I couldnt sleep or rest During jurny the sttaff we were disturbingthere attention was how to purchase there meal and do there busines with out thinking about the thime and the passangers condation The tiolet was in abad condation and i couldnt use it" Pro: "I arrived alive!

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One of the worst airlines of the world. I typicall try to avoid Pegasus, but sometimes I dont have other choice.


I was unable to rebook an alternative flight as they require the vendor, pricline to sort it out and priceline can only communication is email. So maybe in a week they'll sort it out.

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It is a totally ridiculous and irresponsible situation for these businesses to create. I had to buy a whole new ticket to reach my destination. People at the Pegasus saw coworker pe site- ul de dating at the airport were beyond unhelpful and I've spent hours on the phone while on vacation trying to sort it out. I'd gladly pay more if needed and never fly with them" Contra: "I took 4 flights with this airline.

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Each was at least an hour late in take offs and landings. Very unfriendly staff whether at the check-in or flight attendants. Incredibly uncomfortable seats compared with same level seats with other airlines. They reminded me with outdoor vegetable and fruit markets where farmers and gypsies yell to sell their products; they charge for everything, offering nothing on a 4 hrs flight, not even water. Not sure if it is a language barrier, but they are very rude and impolite in English.

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I really wish there was a single good thing to say. Even the pilots are the worst i've seen. Seats were comfortable. It must have been 24 degrees or more the entire flight.

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I turned the fan on full but it was useless. I was hot uncomfortable and sweaty the entire time I was on the plane.

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Made what would otherwise have been a short and enjoyable flight extremely unpleasant. The next bomber?

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This was a total waste of money as there was only one Peterson dealing with fast track and long queues, this meant saw coworker pe site- ul de dating ordinary queue was dealt with faster. Instead asked the passengers to come tomorrow next time. What about the connections? All lost, or canceled other flights. We understood that being among the more "budget friendly" airlines, we would have to sacrifice some comfort.

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But this airline is beyond atrocious to say the least. There is no terminal exit, but rather we had to walk down steps from the plane, walk in the rain to a stand-up bus, and ride it to the airport. How on earth are you supposed to make close connecting flights with those conditions?

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We barely made it only because they let us skip the line for security. Save yourself the misery; dig deeper in your pocket for a better airline.

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  2. The salary was small and the only way to make ends meat was to work as many night shifts as possible.
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Arriving in Istanbul, there was a massive crowd at the transit desk with two Pegasus agents. They spoke little English and did not attempt to create an orderly queue. Instead, they were helping random people. Given that persons on the delayed flight were losing potential time to catch other flights, it was extremely unprofessional and rude to go about managing the issue in this way.

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I was quite exasperated and was told to calm down by Pegasus officials. Ultimately, I was delayed for one DAY, and forced to flight out the next night at midnight.

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If Pegasus had been consistent in managing passengers from a delayed dating site în brazilia, I could potentially have gone on to my final destination without a 24 hour delay. In both of my flights between Istanbul and Amsterdam, the airplane was not cleaned off of the previous flight's trash.

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When I was seated in my first flight to Amsterdam, my tray had a lot of stains of food and drinks. Not a pleasant sight!

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In my flight back to Istanbul, I had to travel looking at a former passenger's waste, such as a used napkin tissue, stuck to the handle of the seat, and a chocolate package.

I also have to say that the sinks of the bathrooms do not drain properly, so you, actually, cannot leave the place clean for the next person.

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All in all, this company definitely needs to work on the cleanliness of their aircraft. Thank you! Flight was 30 min late, with no explanation Did not know ahead of time that nothing is offered free of charge!

The seats were fine and I slept through the flight so I cannot comment on the food but everything was clean and the staff was polite.